Thursday, 13 October 2011

Short Curly Hair Cuts

Short Curly Hair Cuts
Short curly hairstyles for American and African hair require use of relaxer so that hair texture is made smooth. But keep in mind that excess use of relaxer can damage your hair. For those who have thin or fine hair short curly hairstyles should be avoided because it will emphasize their fine hair. There are some options for styling of short hair into curly ones. Although there are curlers to curl the hair but flat iron can also do the same job. Curlers give best result with wet hair. You can put the curlers before going to bed or for quick setting blow drier can be used.  Best results can be obtained after washing and drying the hairs. The barrel size of the curler gives lose or tight curls. Tight curls can be achieved with small barrels. You can also use flat iron to get short curly hairstyles. Plate of half inch can give you curls for your short hair.


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